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What We Do

Our mission is to help homeless families achieve sustainable independence. We recognize that poverty is a complex problem that requires a multifaceted response. Our solution is based in trauma-informed case management, financial literacy education and Open Table Mentoring services. We provide comfortable shelter, meals, vouchers, and essential supplies for homeless families.

To access services, please call the Summit County Homeless Hotline at

(330) 615.0577.

Trauma Informed Case Management

Family Promise recognizes homelessness as a traumatic experience for families with children and promotes an environment of healing and recovery.

FInancial Literacy.jpg

Financial Literacy

Effectively managing finances is an imperative step in the Family Promise program to enable our families to achieve sustainable independence and obtain permanent housing.

Going Home, Staying Home Aftercare

Going Home, Staying Home aftercare services are available to families for at least one year after they transition out of Family Promise

housing and into independence.


Survive to Thrive

Moving Family Promise Families from Poverty to Prosperity


Nutrition Program

When you are experiencing homelessness, consuming healthy, nutritious meals is not always possible.

More Details to Come

Home-Owning 101

Many families in our program have never owned their own home. Sometimes, the cost of repairs or monthly bills are what led them into a homeless situation.

More Details to Come

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