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Prevention, Shelter, and Stabilization, the Family Promise holistic solution to family homelessness

As an Affiliate of the national Family Promise organization, Family Promise of Summit County focuses on these three areas of need to help families with children who are experiencing homelessness.


Preventing families from spiraling into homelessness is an essential element of the Family Promise mission and the most cost-effective way to proactively address this crisis. Prevention measures cost a fraction of the funds required to rehouse a family once they lose their home.

In Summit County, we offer a variety of strategies to ensure the people we serve do not fall into the cycle of housing instability that can devastate families and alter the course of children’s lives. These include landlord mediation and developing community-based collaborations to provide support services to the families we serve.


Across this country, communities offer hospitality to families through Family Promise Affiliates like us. Family Promise's innovative model uses existing space, primarily in congregations, and volunteers motivated by compassion to help hundreds of thousands of children and adults in our national network of 200+ Affiliates.

Working with community resources, we provide comprehensive case management, financial literacy and Open Table Mentoring services at 1/3 the cost of traditional shelter. Eighty-two percent of the families we serve secure sustainable housing.


Homelessness has many causes and housing stability requires multiple solutions. Family Promise Affiliates have developed and implemented more than 1,000 programs nationwide that address every aspect of stabilization.

Our goal is not simply getting families into housing; it is keeping them in housing. Key to this is identifying needs specific to the local community and tapping into the diverse resources our volunteer pool and partnerships provides. The result is families no longer at risk of homelessness.

But even more importantly, our comprehensive case management plans, financial literacy education and Open Table Mentoring services, paired with our community-based collaboration services, create the basis for security and stability that separates families from poverty and allows them and their children to aspire to the future every child deserves.

If you would like to learn more about our holistic solution to family homelessness, please contact me at

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