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"Christmas in July" Cookout at Glendora

On July 7, 2021, No Child Without a Gift hosted a 'Christmas in July' themed BBQ for the families at the Glendora House. NoCWAG gave the children gifts including water toys, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and more. NoCWAG holds annual fundraisers to provide Christmas gifts to families in need. In 2019, NoCWAG donated Christmas gifts to 39 children that were once homeless and served by Family Promise that year. Due to COVID restrictions, NoCWAG was unable to hold their annual fundraiser in 2020 so they collected donations to hold the Christmas in July event. Volunteers and families spent the afternoon enjoying delicious food and playing in the courtyard.

About NoCWAG

David & Cheryl Roberts, inspired by a line in the movie Fred Claus, “There's no naughty kids, Nick. They're all good kids. But some of them are scared. And some of them don't feel listened to. Some of them had some pretty tough breaks too. But every kid deserves a present on Christmas.” founded the nonprofit organization No Child Without a Gift (NoCWAG) in 2012/13. They passed the torch to new board president, John Morter in 2019, who continues the mission of providing gifts to children in need. You can support NoCWAG by emailing for more information.

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