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This past summer, Andrew and Lily found themselves in need of help, and Family Promise was there with the answer.

Andrew and his 7 year old daughter, Lily, drove to Akron from Florida to be near family after Lily’s mother, Sarah, passed away unexpectedly. Andrew and Sarah had been together for more than 15 years and Andrew was lost without her. Lily is autistic and nonverbal which requires stability and special care. Sarah tended to all of Lily’s needs and Andrew was failing in his efforts to be Lily’s primary caregiver.

Once in Akron, Andrew needed to find a doctor, counselor and speech pathologist for Lily. He was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn. Having only a 7th grade education, Andrew struggled to navigate the medical and educational systems to obtain the services Lily needed.

Andrew and Lily were evicted because Lily drew on the walls of their rental apartment with marker. Soon, they found themselves living in their car, desperate to find shelter. To make matters worse, their recent eviction created a barrier as many landlords did not want to rent to a family with an eviction. Andrew and Lily looked at several apartments but continued to get denied.

They were referred to Family Promise to help them find stable housing and achieve independence. We understood that Andrew and Lily’s case was complex and worked diligently to identify the extensive needs of the family and find solutions. Through comprehensive case management and our network of housing providers, we found a landlord who listened to Andrew and Lily’s story and agreed to give them a try. We were able to assist the family with the first and second month’s rent, a security deposit, and a water deposit.

Today Andrew and Lily are thriving in a two bedroom home with a fenced-in back yard in which Lily loves to play! Recently, Andrew told us “Lily had basically taken over the entire house and is enjoying the stability she needs.”

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