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Client Success - Ben Sr. & Ben Jr.

When Ben Sr. lost his job that he held for two years, it was only a matter of time before he and his 5-year-old son, Ben Jr., were evicted from their apartment. He reached out for help, but was unable to keep his apartment. Father and son began exhaustively bouncing around to various family member’s homes.

County Resources Lead to a New Career Path

Ben Sr. went to the Summit County Department of Jobs & Family Services (SCDJFS) to access benefits and learned of a welding program offered through Fortis College, located on the Ohio Means Job campus. Ben knew this was an opportunity to learn a lucrative trade that would provide a more stable life for him and his son. He enrolled in the 12-month welding program and quickly became a top student in the class!

Unfortunately, Ben Sr. realized that it would be difficult for him to secure sustainable employment, maintain a 24-hour per week welding training schedule, and be a good father to Ben Jr.

Finding Hope through Family Promise

When staying with family members was no longer an option, Ben Sr. and Ben Jr. found help through Family Promise.

When Ben Sr. met with the Case Management team it was clear that he was discouraged. He explained how much he enjoyed welding school and how great it felt to accomplish something that would improve his family’s life. Ben understood that he would need to secure employment to regain housing but was hopeful he could also finish school.

The Search for Employment and Sustainability

He diligently sought employment opportunities without success until one day, at a career fair, he met an employment recruiter that presented an interesting opportunity. Ben was encouraged to apply to a well-known manufacturing company that offered flexible scheduling and competitive pay. He applied for the job the next day and was hired on the spot.

Ben's demeanor instantly changed. For the first time in quite a while, he was proud of himself and optimistic about the future!

Securing a Home for Father and Son

Ben adjusted to his busy schedule and spent any spare time looking for apartments. Soon, Ben identified an affordable apartment in a convenient location and scheduled a time to meet the landlord. He was worried that the landlord would learn of the recent eviction and deny his application; however, the landlord agreed to give the family a chance and they signed the lease the next week.

Ben was able to receive assistance with the security deposit and first and second month’s rent through a SCDJFS funded program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

After four months of being homeless, the family was stabilized and ready to start a new, prosperous chapter in their lives!

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