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Client Success - Stacy & Sarah

Stacy had many obstacles to overcome throughout her life. She struggled financially for most of her life and, as a result, got into legal trouble in 2012.

Stacy gave birth to her daughter, Sarah, in 2014. Once Sarah was born, Stacy knew she wanted to give her a better life. Stacy raised Sarah on her own, as a single mother. In 2016, she began taking online courses at Walden University, pursuing a degree in child psychology to create a financial stable future for her and her daughter.

Stacy worked hard at two jobs, but still found it difficult to pay all of her bills on time. One of her jobs was at a daycare – she loves working with children. She worked full-time at the daycare from 11AM to 7PM and then went to her second job from 3AM-9AM. Stacy had little to no time for sleep or self-care and worked very hard to provide for herself and 6-year-old Sarah. "The most prominent characteristic of Stacy was her motivation and determination. She has big goals for herself and Sarah and is ready to do what she needs to to make a better life for them," said Kayla Vitullo, Case Manager.

Stacy and Sarah were evicted from their apartment in December 2019. Stacy sent Sarah to stay with family in Virginia, to shield her from the difficulties of homelessness. After three weeks of living in her vehicle, Sarah returned and Stacy was able to find temporary shelter at a friend’s house while applying for various homeless shelters.

Stacy and Sarah entered Family Promise’s program in February 2020. Stacy was hopeful, however she was struggling with depression and anxiety as a result of the stressful situation and was ready to have a place of her own. The family applied for and obtained permanent, income-based housing through Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority only 10 days after entering our program. Stacy was able to maintain employment during this time and got Sarah into a regular daycare schedule. Stacy continues classes to finish her undergraduate degree and hopes to maintain financial stability for herself and her daughter. She is currently only two semesters away from obtaining her diploma!

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