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Family Promise Post COVID-19

I don’t think there is anyone that would disagree with the statement COVID-19 has changed the world permanently. Family Promise of Summit County has not been spared the effects of COVID either. The very good news is that we are still serving families at Glendora House and we continue to grow the number of families we are serving as we complete each apartment one by one. We have five completed and there are five more to go. We are striving for September 30th to be finished, barring any unforeseen issues.

We have many unanswered questions in front of us with the most important question being, “will our congregations continue the rotation model once we have an all-clear on COVID?” The staff and the Board of FPSC have been monitoring the situation closely and we have been working on projected scenarios that are just that, projected scenarios.

We have had lengthy conversations with our Host Congregations and the one thing that is clear is you all want to stay involved with the mission as close to its format prior to COVID-19 as we possibly can accomplish! We remain hopeful and we will be flexible and work with what is definitive once we have an all clear.

We want to thank everyone that has been volunteering during the crisis to assist with the families we are currently serving.

As we continue to plan the post COVID-19 FP. We would like to get your feedback and or suggestions on ways you may be willing to keep the mission moving forward. We have created a list of volunteer options and ask that you consider how you may want to be involved. Also, please offer additional ideas you think would be beneficial to our families. Let us know your thoughts.

Please be assured, we are still serving, and we will continue to serve post COVID.

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