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Family Promise Street Cred

Family Promise’s new offices on Tallmadge Avenue has proven to be a great move. We are saving operating dollars on rent and utilities as planned and at the same time expanding our community drive-by awareness with the addition of our name on the sign out front on Tallmadge Avenue.

Historically at previous FP locations, we did not have the opportunity to mark our operating through signage. We now do and that allows for passers-by to see our name. “The hope is that it may trigger folks to look us up and learn more about us.”, stated Pauline Egan, FP Operations Manager.

The location has a positive impact on overall operations and efficiency for delivering the services needed by the families.

The space also has allowed for flexibility in space for meetings. Egan stated: “With the ups and downs of COVID and virtual versus in-person meeting needs, the space gives us options and allows for proper social distancing when we do have in-person meetings.”

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