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Financial Literacy Services

Effectively managing finances is an imperative step in the Family Promise program to enable our families to achieve sustainable independence and obtain permanent housing. We provide financial literacy education to all families, in collaboration with Woodforest National Bank, and require families in our program to utilize United Way of Summit County's Financial Empowerment Center.

Financial Literacy Education

We partner with Woodforest National Bank to provide financial education and empowerment to our families. Woodforest has developed a finance curriculum specifically tailored to meet the needs of our families, that includes topics such as budgeting, saving, credit building, and minimizing debt.

What You Can Accomplish

· Take control of your finances.

· Set financial goals and achieve them.

· Get out of debt.

· Improve your income.

· Control your expenses.

· Get free of high-interest lenders.

· Establish a solid financial base for your life.

· Build a better future for your family.

"I always like to point out that these are not just ideas we introduce, they are all action items that can improve the financial well-being of anyone in any financial situation.", said Peter Klatka, Assistant Vice President at Woodforest National Bank.

Sessions are held monthly for approximately 2 hours and include lunch for attendees. Attendance is required for families currently in our program and past families are encouraged to attend, as well.

United Way of Summit County's Financial Empowerment Center

While in our program, families are required to take advantage of United Way of Summit County's Financial Empowerment Center (FEC). The FEC provides FREE, one-on-one financial coaching to assist families in acquiring the skills to budget and save money, access safe and affordable banking options, and improve credit scores.

The Financial Empowerment Center also offers Volunteer Income Tax Assistance to provide low-income families with free and remote income tax preparation.

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