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Glendora House Renovation Update

When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerged and our host and support congregations suspended the Rotation Model, we were fortunate that two of the nine shelter units in the Glendora House were complete and able to serve families.

We are also fortunate that Truly Reaching You (TRY) has continued to work on the renovations needed to complete the building.

We're excited to share the first floor is nearing completion. The first floor includes a Children's Playroom, Guest Computer Room, Laundry Facilities, Family Promise staff office, Family Promise intern office and the Emergency Shelter Unit.

The second floor are complete and currently serving families. By June 1st, we will be able to house four families, taking us up to pre-shutdown service numbers! Once the second floor is finished, we will move to the third and fourth floors which are a mirror of the second and will offer three shelter units each.

As additional shelter units are finished we will accept new families into the program.

With homeless families living in a renovation site, the need is greater than ever to complete Glendora House.

To date, we have raised $566,950 towards the renovation and received another $94,350 in donated materials. The total renovation expense is $676,350.

Right now, we need to raise $15,050 to finish the building and serve more homeless families in need.

Can you help us reach our goal? If so, please donate now to the Glendora House renovations.

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