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Long-time Volunteer Joins Family Promise Board of Directors

Family Promise volunteers, staff, and Board, welcome Marvin Montgomery, Jr. to the Board of Directors effective January 1, 2022.

Marvin graduated from Woodridge High School in the Spring of 2020. After high school, Marvin opened Kicks n' Cuts, a clothing, sneaker, and barber shop in Cuyahoga Falls. Marvin is very active in the community and loves giving back. Kicks n' Cuts specializes in high quality sneakers, haircuts, and clothes. Coming up on their one-year anniversary, Kicks n’ Cuts is a one-stop shop for all ages!

“Family Promise truly cares about everyone from their staff to the local community,” said Montgomery. “I love their mission and the amazing things they are doing in the community. The hands on and continuous efforts to grow is something that I love about Family Promise! I love the independence that Family Promise gives the families. It really gives the families a chance to be on their own but have that support still!”

Marvin brings a background in social media communications and marketing to the organization. “I am very big on promoting on social media. I am hoping I can bring my creativity to the table to promote events and come up with more ideas!” said Montgomery.

Marvin also serves on the Board of Shelter Care Inc. and makes charitable giving a priority through his business. Marvin’s hobbies include collecting sneakers, running, networking, and giving back to the community.

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