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Patience and Hard Work Pays Off for Jackie and Her Family

Jackie and her four children entered the Family Promise program after displacement due to her landlord selling the home in which she was living. As a single mother of four and working full time while in college, Jackie was left with no time to prepare or save funds for a new housing plan on her own. She bounced between friends’ houses for two months with her children before deciding to call the homeless hotline for help. This decision led her to Family Promise where staff were able to witness how she would use her patience and determination to overcome barriers to housing.

Jackie entered Glendora House with full-time employment as a cashier and as a full-time student studying cyber security. She was attending appointments at the Financial Empowerment Center and using every resource around her to try to succeed on her own, but she still encountered barriers to secure sustainable housing. Jackie was able to secure an AMHA voucher after being on the wait list for a very long time. Once receiving the voucher, her main barrier was the fast-paced housing market. She submitted several applications for housing, only to see them become unavailable shortly after submission. Jackie was patient and never gave up hope as she continued to look for housing, while maintaining full-time employment, and full-time post-secondary enrollment living in Glendora House with her children.

After 151 days in the Family Promise program, Jackie and her 4 children moved into a 4-bedroom home and she continues to use her skills of patience and determination to continue working towards her college degree, maintain employment, and raise four beautiful children.

Family Promise helped Jackie along her journey by providing case management, shelter, food, referrals, and rental financial assistance, but her journey would not have been so successful without her determination to achieve every goal set collaboratively with case manager.

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