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Support Families like Tiffany and John's

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and at Family Promise, we have much to be thankful for and celebrate. This year, we served more families, individuals, and children than any other time in our 18-year history thanks to the success of the Glendora House for Families Experiencing Homelessness.

One of the most memorable families we served this year was Tiffany, her husband, John, and twin babies.

Tiffany and John had their babies at 18 and were each living with their mothers at the time. Tiffany’s mother was not supportive and eventually, Tiffany moved in with her mother-in-law and John. Unfortunately, they were unable to stay as there was not enough room for a young family of four.

Tiffany found herself staying each night at a different family member or friend’s house, or in her car, to lessen the burden on her mother-in-law. She was not receiving public assistance and always worried where her next meal would come from.

Soon Tiffany and John entered Family Promise. Together, they prioritized finding sustainable housing for their baby boys. Our case management staff was able to help Tiffany and John secure a 3-bedroom home in New Frontier Homes, a new rental development for low-income individuals. We were able to assist them with the security deposit using funding from a Summit County Public Health Youth grant. We were also able to provide essentials for their twin boys including pack ‘n plays, car seats, and well-baby kits.

Today, Tiffany and her husband are thriving in their housing and as a new family! Tiffany has gone back to school and she and her husband continue to achieve every goal they have set for themselves. We are so proud of Tiffany and John and are thankful we can help families experiencing homelessness on their journey to sustainable independence.

Your continued support of Family Promise allows us to nurture families like Tiffany and John’s. If you want to help more families like theirs, please give today and know that you make a difference for families experiencing homelessness.

Best wishes for safe, healthy, and happy holidays and New Year,

Jeffrey Wilhite

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