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Family Promise of Summit County Launches Survive to Thrive Initiative

Countless organizations have fallen victim to the pandemic and no longer can meet their mission. The great news for Family Promise of Summit County is we are stronger than we were pre-COVID. In fact, we have come out stronger as we now serve more than double the families we served in the past. The reason we are serving more is our amazing team of volunteers and Glendora House.

Having completed the last five-year strategic plan, and meeting the goals that were set, we are in excellent shape to continue our mission. You may remember one of the key goals of the last plan was to serve more families, which we are doing now, and that goal is the key goal in the next five-year plan titled Survive to Thrive.

With hats off to the hosts and volunteers, Family Promise continues to make a positive and life-changing impact in the lives of the families and children we serve.

We are poised to continue making significant, positive impact with the new plan, Survive to Thrive Destination Homeownership. Qualified families will now have the opportunity to achieve home ownership, something they could never have achieved without Family Promise. Through our newly developed Family Promise Welcome Home, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Family Promise, we will purchase and renovate homes for our successful families to actually own going forward.

The mission now has three (3) distinctive components; Immediate, Intermediate, and Permanent.

They are defined as:

Immediate – What we do now. Families come to Glendora House in need of emergency shelter. They receive all of the services FP has available. Case Managers will work with families to obtain sustainable housing.

Intermediate – Often times families come through the program and are really strong upon exit. FP Case Managers will identify families with real potential to be stable enough for home ownership. They will then enter the Intermediate phase.

Through Survive to Thrive, homes will be purchased from the Summit County Landbank and rehabbed to be inhabited. Completely up to code, warm, safe, and dry. These homes will be offered to families for rent, where the family pays a portion of the rent and utilities, based on their income, for a period of time. Once it is determined they are remaining stable and on track, they will be considered to mo

ve onto the Permanent phase of the program.

Permanent – Families that have remained stable will be offered a home on Land Contract, with terms that meet their abilities financially. After a period of time, mutually negotiated in the Land Contract, when the family makes their final payment, the deed of ownership transfers to the family.

Home ownership is the only way a family can truly build generational wealth. In addition, we are creating a pathway to not only family wealth, but lasting family stability and wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Contact Jeff Wilhite to learn how you can support Survive to Thrive at or 330-253-8081.

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