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Survive to Thrive - Destination Homeownership has Begun

The First House

Spring has sprung and so has Survive to Thrive – Destination Homeownership. We have purchased our first home for renovation. The home is located in the Firestone Park neighborhood of Akron at 325 East Archwood Avenue on the corner of East Archwood and Atwood Avenues.

We have contracted for the home through the Summit County Land Bank. We are very excited to bring this house back to life to house a family again. This home will be a part of the intermediate phase of the program wherein, a family will be chosen to rent the home for a period, allowing for the purchase and renovations of other homes and matching the family to a permanent home.

Creating a Documentary

We were successful in receiving grant funding to allow us to create a documentary about the Survive to Thrive program and have engaged

to create the piece. We will start the documentary with the walk through of E. Archwood, signing the papers and making the payment to the Land Bank, before footage of what the house looked like, updates during the renovations, after footage of the renovations, ribbon cutting and dedication and the family (with their permission) moving in. As this is a major new component of Family Promise of Summit County, we felt it was important to capture the story to be able to share it with other Family Promise affiliates and have it archived for the program.

Opportunities to Give

Family Promise works because of our amazing volunteers! So, for anyone offering volunteer service during the renovations, we would love to have you in the footage as well (with your permission). We will make every attempt to cover as much as possible, but it will be based on a moving schedule, we don’t want the contracted work delayed.

There are many opportunities to financially support renovations at the Archwood Home. Click here to see the renovation budget.

The other house we were looking at as the first house, Patterson Avenue went to a bidder who is buying, renovating, and occupying the home as their permanent residence. The bidding process with the Land Bank is that if you are a bidder who will be an owner occupant you win the bid. Next in line are non-profits bidding, and third in line are commercial bidders.

Our new chapter has begun and I look forward to handing the keys over to our first family!

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