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The Challenge Supports Families Like Samantha's

Earlier this year, Samantha Wingate and her four children were faced with a difficult decision, either stay in a home that could lead to harmful circumstances, or flee.

Samantha chose to flee, leaving everything the family owned behind. Samantha and her children entered Glendora House on February 4th. During her time in our program, Samantha was extremely eager to better not only her life but her children’s as well.

Samantha secured a job working at a local clinic. Soon after finding employment, she began searching for a stable home. Samantha faced multiple barriers, including a large family, lack of available housing, and low credit score. She became discouraged with each housing denial. To improve her ability to secure housing, Samantha enrolled in United Way's

Financial Empowerment Center and was able to increase her credit score and open more doors for her and her family. Never losing sight of her goals, Samantha was determined to find a proper home for her family and her effort paid off. Soon, Samantha had multiple housing options from which to choose!

After much deliberation, Samantha chose a property with East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation. She also participated in their Home Ownership classes. On April 16th, Samantha signed her lease for her new property! Samantha and her family exited Glendora House on April 23rd and are doing well in their new house!

With Support from Family Promise, Samantha has new-found stability and is on the path for home ownership and sustainable independence!

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