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Unique Solutions for a Unique Family

A family of four entered Family Promise in February after sleeping in their car for 3 months - they spent the coldest months of the year without a warm place to call home. The family came from Columbus to be closer to family but their housing plans did not work out.

The family was composed of a senior mother, a disabled father and their two disabled adult sons. The father and the two sons were highly dependent on the mother to meet the needs of the family. Unfortunately, during their housing crisis, they had to surrender their beloved pets. The family was in a new city without any support or knowledge of how to access benefits.

When the family entered Family Promise, they came to tears because they finally had a place to spread out and maintain their basic needs. This family was not a typical family as there were no youth in the household, however; FP staff worked with other community providers to ensure that this family never had to sleep in their car again. Through this collaborative effort, the family was linked with the supportive services to address their unmet needs and after 56 days, the family secured permanent, affordable housing.

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